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15 Jul, 2016

Debt Collection
High Court dismisses claim by Bank on repayment issue
In these recent repossession proceedings, the High Court dismissed the claim by the Plaintiff, GE Capital Woodchester , on the grounds that it had failed to establish that it had properly demanded repayment of the principal sum.
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15 Aug, 2016

Quotations for conveyancing in Ireland vary hugely.
Historically, fees for conveyancing were calculated on a percentage basis being 1% of the purchase price of the property plus VAT and Outlay. However, many firms have either reduced this percentage figure or indeed offer fixed price conveyancing.
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09 Jan, 2016

Traffic Law
What to do immediately after a traffic accident
Sankey McGrath Solicitors set out the below step by step guide to what to do after a road traffic accident. At all times it should be remembered that your health is paramount and is the first thing you need to attend to after a road traffic accident.
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07 Jan, 2016

Property Law
Property sale - When to instruct your solicitor
Things can hold up the sale of a property. A purchaser may be waiting on loan approval; selling their own propert, etc. However what be avoided or minimised?
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04 Jan, 2016

Family Law
Parents cannot agree on choice of school
The recent High Court case of BB v AA which was an appeal from the Circuit Court deals with a situation where parents cannot agree on the choice of school for a child.
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01 May, 2016

Probate Law
The duties of an Executor in the case of a Will
I am executor to my mother's estate. One of my siblings refuses to leave the family house so that I can sell it and share out the proceeds three ways as per my mother's will.
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